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Welcome to 2022! Is this is it – is this the year you leave your day job and embark on your dream job? Will you be starting you own business? Becoming a solopreneur? Yay for you! Not an easy decision, I’m sure, but you’ve committed to doing it, and that is the first step. I […]

boy with cookie jar

What a Full Cookie Jar Means to Me

We didn’t have a cookie jar growing up, but my best friend did, and it was one of my favorite things about going to her house. It felt like the most decadent thing – the idea of being able to reach into a jar and grab a fresh baked cookie whenever you wanted it. I […]


Many people plan their family photo sessions in the milder seasons – spring, summer and fall. But a winter family photo session can be beautiful – and be a blast! I love them for a few reasons. Beautiful Backdrop for your Winter Family Photo Session The snow makes a great backdrop for your family photos. […]

holiday scenes

Holiday photos: 3 ideas to capture your traditions

worried the coming weeks are going to be a whirlwind? here are 3 quick tips to capture your favorite holiday traditions with some photos I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to take photos of my family’s favorite holiday moments. But first – a story. Growing up, every year right around […]

young family in green field

Fall family photo session Can I pick a favorite? Ok, cool – fall is my favorite. My favorite for a fall family photo session to be specific. Temperatures have dipped a little. The air is clear and crisp. And I love that ‘back to school’ vibe. After the long days of summer, everything and everyone […]

Dance Inn Legacy Dance Company photographs

Dance Inn 2021 Spring Recital Photographs

Well, it was long overdue, but they did it! After having missed the opportunity to perform in front of an audience in 2020, the Dance Inn dancers came back stronger than ever for a series of five performances on a beautiful June day in 2021. Well done dancers. It was a truly joy to see […]


Stripes? Plaids? Solids? Bold? Pastel? These are all good questions when trying to decide what you and your family should wear for your photo session. But what matters most is: what do you feel best in? What makes you feel the most confident and the most comfortable? As you, reader, are likely the driving force […]