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Spring Family Photo Session | Boston

May 14, 2022

Visiting the Arnold Arboretum

I love going to arboretums and botanical gardens. Doing a family photo session in such a setting combines two of my favorite things in one! This session took place on an early spring morning at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. The day started off foggy but had cleared as the young family and I met for our session and we had a lovely morning walk through the grounds. If you have never been to the Arboretum, it is absolutely worth the trip!

The outfits this family had chosen for their photo session were perfect for the setting. (Check out some other outfit inspo here.) They looks great against the backdrop of the rhododendrons were popping and all the other bright, beautiful spring colors in bloom.

Sessions with Toddlers

People often ask about sessions with toddlers. Sometimes they get worried that their child won’t behave. But here’s the the thing about toddlers – the best thing to do is just to let them do their thing! At that age, children are innately curious, and that translates into a fun photo session. It also makes for a more relaxed session. You can rest easy knowing that your child will not be stressed or unhappy and I can just follow along and capture images of your child enjoying the outing.

This little guy had fun wandering around and checking everything out. He stopped to smell the flowers, had fun getting tossed in the air by dad and getting tickled by mom. He didn’t pay me much mind, but that was just fine! I don’t think he even knew that were were having a photo session. He always knew where mom and dad were and we had a lovely morning meandering through the gardens, following his lead.

Ready to book your spring family photo session? Drop me a line!

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