boy with cookie jar

What a Full Cookie Jar Means to Me

Dec 19, 2021

We didn’t have a cookie jar growing up, but my best friend did, and it was one of my favorite things about going to her house. It felt like the most decadent thing – the idea of being able to reach into a jar and grab a fresh baked cookie whenever you wanted it. I couldn’t really comprehend it!

Last year, I purchased my very own set of cookie jars. The first I have ever owned. And it fills me with great joy – but for different reasons from when I was a kid.

Having a full cookie jar these days means that I have someone to make cookies for. Our kids are off at school and living on their own, and my husband and I don’t really need cookies lying around. So them coming home is a reason the fill up that cookie jar. I have perfected some chocolate chip shortbread cookies (vegan and gluten free) that my daughter and I love. My son adores a classic chocolate chip or molasses cookie. King Arthur Flour is one of my favorite sources of inspiration. For those of you that eat a gluten free diet like me, I can highly recommend the cookbook Flavour Flours by Alice Medrich – it is filled with tasty baked good recipes!

Having a full cookie jar also means that I have time to bake enough cookies to fill a cookie jar. Maybe it is some time off for a holiday. Or maybe it is that I have taken a day off. Whatever the reason, it means I have made room in my schedule for making cookies.

And, a full cookie jar means I can sit down with my husband, kids, or a friend with a cookie and some conversation.

I wish you many opportunities to fill your cookie jar this holiday season, and all through the winter. If you feel inclined to document a day of baking (and snacking) with your kids – get in touch to schedule an in-home photo session!