You hold their hands; they hold your heart. As they grow, days are a balance of curiosity, chaos, and calm. And in between are the everyday moments that add up to a full and wonderful life - sometimes without you even noticing. I’ll photograph your everyday, so you can enjoy every day.

The  Art of Family


Serving communities west of Boston, including: Wayland, Concord, Lincoln and Lexington

Your everything, your everyday

That first sip - it's more whip cream than hot cocoa if you did it right. It’s magical the way it can warm you right down to your fingertips that you’d swear were actually frozen as your brother stuck the carrot nose in the season’s first snowman.


Sometimes muddy, sometimes windy, sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny. Spring here in New England usually comes just when we need it most - and never sticks around for long!


Cool morning, long nights. Bare feet, blueberries and bonfires. Truly is there anything better than summer in New England?


Is that the crunch of a bite into an apple, or the crunch of leaves underfoot? Macouns, Jonah Gold, Cortland, Fujis, Macs, Empires…. what is your favorite? Maybe it's the apple cider donuts, in which case I think we are gonna be fast friends.


Seasons of Love

~Angelita Lim

"I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more."