Desert Adventure

May 30, 2022

Ok – so the algorithm won’t like this post. It isn’t about family photography. The photographs were not taken in New England. It will not be considered ‘on-brand’. But, I think the algorithm will get it wrong; I think it is precisely on-brand. It is about the importance of the strong bonds of friendship and community. It is about a common thread that ties me to each of these amazing women. And about an adventure that has meant so much to me. So, algorithm be damned – I am posting it.

I went to the desert recently with some photographer friends. It was amazing. After more than two years, I was so ready for it. We all were. The destination was Tucson, but we really could have gone anywhere. But, because we were in Tucson, we made the most of what that beautiful and vibrant city has to offer. We visited a mission. We ate delicious food and drank really good margaritas. We relaxed during the heat of the day poolside so we could return in the evening refreshed and ready to stay up late into the evening.

One magical night, we went into the Saguaro National Park. We dressed in what we each determined was our best ‘desert fashion’ (not easy for this New England girl!). We brought our cameras and photographed each other. We took portraits of one another and took portraits of each other taking portraits. And, we lost track of time. It was one of the most special evenings I have had in a very long time.

On our very last evening together, we had dinner under the stars at the San Pedro Chapel. We had the place to ourselves and we relaxed, enjoying each other’s company before our morning flights would scatter us again. We shared our favorite memories of the days we had just spent together, and spoke of our wishes for each other in the coming months.

Throughout our time together, we talked a lot about the concept of “wonder” and asked what the word means to each of us. For me, wonder is the thing that cracks me open a little bit – my heart, my brain, my senses – and begs me to explore. It carries no judgement or assumption. It is not without danger but it is worth the risk. Here’s to always seeking wonder.

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