That’s me and my siblings - all 8 of us. (I’m the one in the ponytails.) I have 3 biological and 4 adopted siblings, which meant that growing up, there was never a dull moment! For a period of about 3 years, my dad photographed us all - a lot. I know now that during this time, he had already been diagnosed with the illness that eventually took his life. But when it was happening, I didn’t think about why he always had his camera at the ready. I am just so grateful that he did.

blended and extended
untraditional and unconditional
it’s family, defined by YOU

I believe there is no singular definition of family

About Cynthia

Dad’s favorite thing was for us all to pack up a picnic and go on a hike. He didn’t feel well enough to do it often, so when he did, it was so special. These are truly some of my fondest memories. 


This is one of my absolute favorite images of my childhood - me with my mom. We always had the sense that we had to share her, but this image reminds me that mom made time for each one of us.


We are all grown up with kids and even grandkids of our own. We are spread across the country, but for one week, every summer, we get together. It is The BEST. And I photograph it all! The albums I create for everyone from these weeks together are treasured reminders of the love and connection we all have for each other, and even though we may go a year without being together, we easily pick right back up as though no time has passed at all.


That is me, my husband and our two kids, who are also the best of friends.  Some other details you might be interested in about me:

• I’ve been photographing my family for, well, decades…..
• I’ve been photographing other people’s families for over 7 years
• Communications degree + minor in photography = storytelling photographer