What to wear to a New England family session?

Oct 2, 2021

Stripes? Plaids? Solids? Bold? Pastel?

These are all good questions when trying to decide what you and your family should wear for your photo session. But what matters most is: what do you feel best in? What makes you feel the most confident and the most comfortable?

As you, reader, are likely the driving force behind this family photo session, that is where we start. Look in your closet and find the thing that you feel best in. Preferably something with some color, but if that something happens to be all black, that’s ok too. Read on to see how we can work with that. 

Once you find your favorite outfit, we will then make a plan to get the family coordinated. And by coordinated, I do not mean matching, I mean each bringing your own style, while still complementing each other. 

What to Wear? Consult a Color Wheel

Are you a family that likes to dress in bright colors? If so, then using some color theory to find complementary colors might be useful. (You can learn from a master here.)

what to wear to your family photo session: consult a color wheel

Working with Plaids

Here’s an example of mom in a royal blue top, her toddler in plaid shirt the picked up that color and also worked well with dad’s pink shirt. This worked especially well for a spring time session when there were lots of flowers in bloom. It also worked well in an outdoor session in between rain showers where the colors really popped against gray skies.

what to wear to your family photo session: working with plaids

If Pastels are your Family’s Jam

If you are more into pastels, then check out this family that used different complementary blue-greens and pink-oranges to tie it all together.

what to wear to your family photo session: if pastels are your jam

Analogous Colors

A popular choice among families is to go with what is called ‘analogous colors’ – or colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. This works particularly well with blues/greens, as those are often colors we have in our wardrobes.

This can work in bright combos, or more muted/neutral tones.

what to wear to your family photo session: analogous colors

Monochromatic outfits can require a little more planning, but when done well, looks great in photos. Blue can be a common choice for this type of shoot, as most people have blues/denims in their wardrobe. And it tends to work well in any season.

If you feels best in black – and let’s face it, some times we all do – we can still create images that you feel good about. I still suggest applying the same concepts as above to the other members of your family. Black can work well as a base for bright colors to pop off of, or to blend with more muted tones.

what to wear to your family photo session: using black as a base

Some final thoughts as you think about what to wear for you family photo session

While most items in your closet will probably work, I recommend staying away from neons as they can be distracting. For the same reason, large logos should also be avoided. 

You likely have something in your wardrobe that will look great. But, by all means, you should consider this an opportunity to buy a new special item! Want to talk through some ideas? Reach out here!

Lastly, while I have spent a lot of time talking about colors and patterns, truly the most important thing about your sessions is the time with your family. And it really doesn’t matter what you are wearing as long as you are present with them, relaxed and comfortable.

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